Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers for 2020

The rapid emergence of blockchain solutions is revolutionizing the trading space. Cryptocurrency markets trade around the clock and they have become synonymous with trading over the decade. Coherently, the age of digital finance is dictating the market pace and that can significantly change the value of your crypto assets, any time of the day. The versatile and volatile nature that is inherent in the cryptocurrency market translates into a multitude of opportunities. In order to gain an in-depth insight, crypto portfolio trackers can accurately illustrate the true value of your assets in real-time.

What are crypto portfolio trackers?

Cryptocurrency markets trade around the clock, which means that the value of your assets may shift at any time of the day considering the volatile nature of the market. Keeping track of your assets may be overwhelming; that is why crypto portfolio trackers were made.
Cryptocurrency portfolio trackers show changes in your portfolio. Portfolio trackers play a vital role for both casual and professional cryptocurrency investors because they enable you to actively monitor price changes at any time of the day.
A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is a platform that allows you to manage your investments and monitor the value of your crypto assets. Trackers essentially link with your crypto wallets and exchanges.
Interestingly, cryptocurrency portfolio trackers also function as cryptocurrency trading platforms. These trackers enable you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies that circulate among different exchanges.
Cryptocurrency portfolio trackers have an array of diverse features. These features are spread among different cryptocurrencies, no one tracker does everything perfectly. You’ll need to thoroughly consider each portfolio tracker individually and decide which one is right for you. Things to consider:

1. Safety and security
The decentralized nature inherent in blockchain solutions makes it difficult to track and trace, this makes it equally as important to choose a tracker that emphasizes security. It is advised that you look for security features like 2FA and Multi-layer encryptions when choosing a tracker.

2. User interface
A good user interface is essential to quickly view all of your assets and monitor how the value of your portfolio changes. A good user interface should allow users to easily operate the platform and understand the data. Therefore it is best to look for a tracker with a seamless user interface.

3. Available coins and exchanges
A portfolio tracker should track all of your coins. Versatility is important, this will enable you to trade all of the coins you want without having to switch platforms and going through the inherent hassles of working with multiple exchanges and passwords.

Top crypto portfolio trackers


CryptoCompare serves as a platform for investors that rely on more than one cryptocurrency portfolio. It allows users to sort their holding into multiple portfolios. This feature is primarily intended towards users that plan to hold stablecoins for longer terms and sell off altcoins as they move in value. CryptoCompare offers a free mobile app and web interface where you can gain insight through useful charts and graphs that help you visualize your portfolio progress over time.
CryptoCompare is an emerging platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It offers a diverse newsfeed that is regularly updated, providing the latest information on mining, wallets, and different exchanges.


Delta is a great tracker for users that rely on mobile compatibility. It is the go-to crypto tracker that doesn’t lack functionality or aesthetics. Delta is an iOS and Android app with impeccable design and a minimalistic look. It offers a diverse selection of coins to choose from ranging from 2000 coins among some of the most popular crypto exchanges.
Delta also offers a versatile range of interesting features. It allows you to create watchlists of different cryptocurrencies so you can actively monitor the value of specific cryptocurrencies.


CoinStats serves as a platform that enables you to manage all of your crypto holdings from one place. CoinStats enables users to trade their coins through multiple platforms such as exchange account, credit cards, and apple pay account.
It tracks over 8000 cryptocurrency prices circulating around 400 exchanges. CoinStats offers a convenient tool to analyze your crypto holdings by allowing you to gain in-depth insight into their analytics that cover sections such as Portfolio comparison, pie charts, and many other statistics that will essentially lead you to make calculated decisions.


KryptoGraphe is a unique portfolio tracker engineered for investors who need personalized investing advice and information centered around preferred coins. The iOS / Android app does more than just tracking the value of your assets. It offers an in-depth insight into your investments. It also allows you to compare your portfolio against other cryptocurrency investors who hold the same currencies.
KryptoGraphe further provides an expansive news section that delivers insightful metrics and data that can potentially lead you to make data-driven decisions. It uses a tried pricing system based on how many exchange accounts you sync. However, you can sync up to 2 exchange accounts for free. KrpyotGraphe appropriately emphasizes on up-to-date news, metrics and investing insights.


Coin-Statica Dashboard

Last but not least – our Coin-Statica offers 4000+ different coin wallets syncing. It is our assumption that the platform is to be simple and should allow the users to control their assets in an easy way with a clean and readable interface.
We are currently in a beta stage (which may last a couple of months – as of May 2020) and all are welcome to register and use it for free without limitations.


Cryptocurrencies are an emerging investment front and now is the perfect time to get started with a portfolio tracker or an individual exchange. Portfolio trackers are a crucial component for every Crypto investor, however, it’s important to take note of the extremely volatile nature of the market and the possibility of losing money overnight.
That is why it is essential you choose a portfolio tracker that holds professional relationships with many cryptocurrencies for accurate data. Moreover, features such as a seamless UI, API availability, complex trading, and analytical tools should be of great importance when choosing a portfolio tracker.
Conversely, there are several platforms to counter the possibility of losing a lot of money by allowing users to get into the trading space by connecting with experienced traders in the cryptocurrency space.

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