Platform Update 0.9.5. (Beta)

New update includes balance and value graph for each synced address. Simplified graph is added to the dashboard too. However this change doesn’t apply to the unsynced amounts, which will …

Coin-Statica update

Platform Update 0.9.4. (Beta)

We added Coinbase integration to out platform! Users can sync their wallet and choose which coins they want to track. The whole process takes seconds, but we will release a …

Coin-Statica update

Platform Update 0.9.3. (Beta)

With this update we changed the sign in / up panel. We also added address syncing for 20 less known coins including Deviant Coin, Emercoin, Bitcoin-Green, Bitcorn, Monkey-project, Escudonavacense, Devault, …

Assets sorting

Platform Update 0.9.2. (Beta)

This update adds the possibility to sort the order of assets in Dashboard view. Just click the ‘Settings’ icon in the top right hand side corner and select ‘Assets sorting’. …

Update 0.9.1

Platform Update 0.9.1. (Beta)

We changed the coin/token list loading and search in the adding section. The list in now divided in to pages thus the time for page load should be now significantly …

Welcome to Coin-Statica!

Welcome to Coin-Statica!

Welcome to Coin-Statica – your portfolio for crypto coins. Use it to keep track on all your addresses in one place. The platform is currently in beta version.