Coinbase Integration

Users can now integrate their Coinbase wallet into our platform. The process is very simple and takes just a couple of seconds. Active Coinbase account is required.

  1. Start with clicking (+) sign and choose ‘Sync Coinbase wallet’.
  2. This will redirect user to Coinbase website where approval of Coin-Statica application is required. Our application asks only for ‘read’ permissions to check the balances.
  3. The user is then redirected back to the platform and can select coins to be tracked.
  4. All selected coins will appear in the dashboard view and their values will be added to the overall balance.

That’s it!

Each coin account can be removed or added back by selecting ‘Sync Coinbase wallet’ (this time authorisation is not required as the access to Coinbase wallet is retained, but can be revoked at any time). Removal can also be proccessed in the usual way, by clicking coin in the dashboard view and when the coin card is shown, by selecting ‘Delete’ button.

At any time user can revoke access to Coinbase wallet, by selecting ‘Revoke Coinbase access’. All Coinbase accounts will be removed from our platform and Coin-Statica will be removed from user’s approved applications in Coinbase.

All process is shown in the video:

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